Cleaning + EMist = Hygienically Clean

Chemistry Required to Disinfect 1,000 Square Feet

The EM360 leads the market in efficiency, requiring much less use of chemistry to disinfect the same square footage as its competitors.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are those that patients acquire during the course of receiving treatment for other conditions in a healthcare setting. This year alone it is estimated that 1.7 million people will contract a totally preventable healthcare-associated infection (HAI) that will add nearly $20 billion to healthcare costs. The #1 job for a cleaning professional is Infection Prevention. The problem with traditional disinfection methods is that they are not overly effective or efficient in eliminating germs. 

The EMist Electrostatic Disinfectant Application System is superior to traditional spray and wipe methods because our technology provides a no-touch application to environmental surfaces that can eliminate cross-contamination and help render surfaces hygienically clean, for a more effective and efficient outcome against HAIs. Use EMist to lower your environmental bio burden, improve your outcomes and decrease your bottom line. 

It is imperative to quickly clean and disinfect a hospital room after discharge of patients to reduce transmission of antibiotic resistant pathogens found with healthcare associated infections (HAIs). One of the greatest risks to patients after admission to the hospital is being admitted to a room previously occupied by a patient who was infected with a multidrug resistant organism. EMist can provide a solution for this. Winning Together!

Clean. Health-E. Complete.