What is the EMist Electrostatic Disinfectant System.


What is the E-Mist disinfectant application system?

The E-Mist electrostatic disinfection application system is an effective and cost effective alternative to existing facility disinfection methods. The system is patented, providing a unique positive charge to liquids.

How does E-Mist compare to other surface disinfection systems?

Those involved in the prevention and control of preventable infections require a balanced approach of cost and quality to improve outcomes. Existing healthcare disinfection methods including wipes, spray and wipe, fogging, misting, and UV lighting are ineffective or expensive. As environmental surface contamination and healthcare-acquired infections have become more defined, the E-Mist electrostatic disinfection application system presents an effective, approved, and cost effective alternative to health care facility disinfection procedures.

What is electrostatics?

Electrostatics has been around and used for decades in the automotive, agriculture, inkjet and photocopier industries. Electrostatics is easily understood: opposite charges attract and like charges repel. Two positively charged things ( + and + ) will repel each other. Two negatively charged things ( – and – ) will repel each other. Using this natural electrostatic phenomena, E-Mist developed and patented a breakthrough disinfectant application technology and system. The E-Mist Electrostatic Systems place a positive ( + ) charge on the liquid droplets as they leave the spray nozzle. The dispersed droplets spread out more evenly and seek out a negative ( – ) or neutrally charged surface (most surfaces are either negative or neutral). The end result is that the disinfectant is more targeted, provides more uniform coverage with less waste, and just like a magnet, attracted to an oppositely charged surface with remarkable force.

What is the E-Mist System droplet size?

E-Mist disinfectant application system uses a very specialized and precise spray tip. The tip produces an average droplet size or variable mean diameter of 85 microns (range of 54 microns to as large as 120 microns). With a VMD of 85 microns there is much less “drift” as compared to foggers, better surface coverage, improved surface dwell time, and the least possible suspension of liquids.

What’s the difference between an aerosol, mist, and fog?

  • Aerosol: is a colloid of fine solid particles or liquid droplets, in air or gas. Simply defined by the CDC/NIOSH as tiny particles or droplets suspended in air. (>0.5 microns)
    -The liquid or solid particles have a diameter mostly of smaller than 1 micron or so.
    -Aerosol usually refers to an aerosol spray that delivers a consumer product from a can or similar container.
  • Mist: a fine mist is formed when a finely divided liquid is suspended in the air. Examples include paint spraying, condensation of water, vapor to form a fog or rain. (10-15 microns)
  • Fog: vapor condensed to fine particles of water suspended in the lower atmosphere. (2-30 microns)
    -Fog produces an uncontrollable drift. Disinfecting using fog can be dangerous and hazardous.

Is the E-Mist System a fogger? Sprayer? Mister?

Based on industry definitions and droplet size measurements, the E-Mist system delivers a consistent droplet size above 50 microns. This qualifies the system as a misting device. Due to the electrostatic charge of the droplets as they leave the tip, the droplets are not suspended in the air. 

Does the E-Mist System suspend liquid droplets?

No. The E-Mist disinfectant application system uses the properties of an electrostatic charge on any water soluble chemical. Due to this charge the droplets are actively looking for a surface to attach and thus they are not suspended.

What does the CDC say about disinfectant fogging?

We’ve included the following statement from the CDC website.

CDC and HICPAC have recommendations in both 2003 Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities and the 2008 Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities that state that the CDC does not support disinfectant fogging.

Specifically, the 2003 and 2008 Guidelines state:
– 2003: “Do not perform disinfectant fogging for routine purposes in patient-care areas. Category IB”
– 2008: “Do not perform disinfectant fogging in patient-care areas. Category II”

These recommendations refer to the spraying or fogging of chemicals (e.g., formaldehyde, phenol-based agents, or quaternary ammonium compounds) as a way to decontaminate environmental surfaces or disinfect the air in patient rooms. The recommendation against fogging was based on studies in the 1970’s that reported a lack of microbicidal efficacy (e.g., use of quaternary ammonium compounds in mist applications) but also adverse effects on healthcare workers and others in facilities where these methods were utilized. Furthermore, some of these chemicals are not EPA-registered for use in fogging-type applications.

These recommendations do not apply to newer technologies involving fogging for room decontamination (e.g., ozone mists, vaporized hydrogen peroxide) that have become available since the 2003 and 2008 recommendations were made. These newer technologies were assessed by CDC and HICPAC in the 2011 Guideline for the Prevention and Control of Norovirus Gastroenteritis Outbreaks in Healthcare Settings, which makes the recommendation: “More research is required to clarify the effectiveness and reliability of fogging, UV irradiation, and ozone mists to reduce norovirus environmental contamination. (No recommendation/unresolved issue)”

The 2003 and 2008 recommendations still apply; however, CDC does not yet make a recommendation regarding these newer technologies. This issue will be revisited as additional evidence becomes available.

Will the E-Mist System delay patient admissions or other procedures?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system is used after the patient room is effectively cleaned (see CDC Guidelines here). After the application is complete the room can be used in as little as 10 minutes. However, always refer to the chemical manufacturers product label for re-entry criteria (click here for Selected EPA-registered disinfectants).

Is the E-Mist System practical enough for continuous use throughout our facility?

Yes. The E-Mist disinfectant application system can be used in various healthcare settings including, but not limited to patient rooms, common areas, operating rooms, triage areas, patient transport vehicles, nurse’s stations, emergency rooms, hallways, therapy areas, restrooms, scrub in areas, etc.

How long does training take?

Learning to use the E-Mist system takes less than 30 minutes. We recommend our SanoTech 360 Training to supplement the system training. Touch Point Healthy training ensures that all touchable surfaces are truly disinfected.

What level of professional is needed to operate the E-Mist System?

Your current housekeeping or environmental service staff will find the system easy to use and to operate. They’ll also discover that it takes less time to cover more area and to do the job with better outcomes and more cost effectively.

Is routine maintenance needed?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system is designed to be maintenance free. The only upkeep is to flush the system with water after every use.

What is the cost per use?

Customers who use the E-Mist disinfectant application system realize anywhere between 25% to 45% labor savings and between 35% to 50% chemical savings. Contact us and we can provide you with a free cost savings and benefit analysis.

Are there other consumables that must be ordered and stored?

No. The E-Mist system is a disinfectant application system. We provide the system. You provide your own EPA-registered, water-soluble disinfectant.

How will patients and/or staff perceive the E-Mist System?

Staff and patients like the outcome – better, faster outcomes at a lower cost. It is a visible example of how to address invisible pathogens and that resonates with patients. Staff perception is one of admiration due to the reduction in labor, ability to reduce unnecessary infection and provide a touch free disinfecting system that provides safety to those utilizing the system by not touching the surfaces that potentially harbor sickness. What’s more, when you are SanoTech 360™ Certified Healthy approved, you send the message that your organization has met the requirements for proper surface disinfection. Certified organizations demonstrate to the public their commitment to the health of the people they serve.

Can the use of the E-Mist System help drive patients to our facility?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system is coupled with the SanoTech 360™ Certified Healthy Process. The program certifies that the facility uses technology to reduce human error and create healthier environments. This branding can be used as a marketplace differentiator and create awareness that infection control is proactively being addressed on a daily basis to ensure patient safety.

Under what circumstances can the E-Mist system be legally used within the FIFRA limitations of an EPA registered disinfectant?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system uses any water soluble chemical. Those that are registered by the EPA contain labeling consistent with the standards outlined by FIFRA in which chemicals labeled as insecticides, fungicides and rodenticides are sprayed. Please refer to your specific product labeling for additional information.

What EPA registered disinfectant(s) does E-Mist recommend?

An effective disinfection protocol includes the type of microorganisms targeted, surface types, disinfectant characteristics, costs, ease of use, and personnel and patient safety. We use a consultative approach when it comes to making disinfectant recommendations. Contact us for a FREE cost-benefit analysis or consultation.

Are there EPA registered disinfectants that approve of the E-Mist System electrostatic application method?

Yes, there are EPA registered disinfectants that can be used with the E-Mist disinfectant application system.

Are there room isolation requirements, such as sealing the room and isolating the ventilation system?

Unless otherwise regulated by OSHA, there are no other requirements. Always consult the OSHA standards for your facility.

Is there available data to support efficacy claims and claims to reduce infection rates?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system uses any water soluble disinfectant. Kill claims are dictated by the chemical and not by us. With that said, you can click here and see how our System provides a better, faster and more cost effective outcomes.

How does the E-Mist System save on labor costs as compared to our current “wipe-and-go” disinfecting method?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system is a better way to apply disinfectants. Better, faster, and less cost. Using the system decreases the amount of labor and chemical by up to 50%. The system allows the chemistry to achieve proper contact time for maximum kill claims stated by the EPA registered chemical. The current “wipe-and-go” disinfecting method introduces human error with the potential of missing high/low touch surfaces, minimizing kill claims by chemicals with reduced, inconsistent contact times and introducing the potential for cross contamination by touching every surface. It also has the potential to expose workers to surface pathogens due to touching surfaces.

Does the E-Mist System produce waste?

Compared to existing “wipe-and-go” or “spray-and-wipe” methods, the E-Mist System greatly reduces wasted disinfectant.

Is the E-Mist System “green” certified?

Our System is not certified green. However, if the chemical is registered as “green” and the product labeling is followed, then the use of the system should mirror that claim. In addition, the machine is efficiently battery powered thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Are there any hidden costs to using the E-Mist System? Does the E-Mist System depend on other materials or processes being in place?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system depends on your chemical choice. Once the machine is acquired the only variable cost is the chemical. System efficiencies can be maximized with the correct cleaning and disinfecting process being in place. The correct process will maximize outcomes.

Could the E-Mist System and Process be leveraged into a public relations campaign for our facility?

Yes. The SanoTech 360™ Certified Healthy Process certifies that the facility utilizes technology to reduce human error and create healthier environments. This branding can be utilized as a market place differentiator and create awareness that infection control is proactively being addressed on a daily basis to ensure patient safety.

If your grandmother were in our facility, would you still recommend the E-Mist System?

Yes. The E-Mist disinfectant application system puts chemistry in the best position to be successful. When used with the Touch Point Healthy Process there is a significant reduction in HAI’s while maintaining a high level of patient/worker safety.

Is the E-Mist System compatible with our existing materials and protocols?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system uses any water soluble chemical and can be easily implemented into existing protocols. Always ensure that the product labeling and safety data sheet is followed to ensure product effectiveness and safety regulations.

Does the E-Mist System have safeguards in place to protect the operator?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system uses UL approved components as well as other safety measures to ensure operator safety. Please refer to the operator safety manual for guidelines for proper utilization.

What level of expertise does the operator need to have?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system is easy to use and operate. A basic understanding of cleaning and disinfecting is necessary as well as educational requirements from Infection Control to maximize effectiveness.

Will there be problems within the housekeeping staff such as union issues or job classifications?

Each union or job classification has rules and regulations that dictate utilization of equipment. Please consult with your local chapter on these requirements.

If our patients heard about the E-Mist System, what would he or she think?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system puts chemistry in the best position to be successful. When used with the Touch Point Healthy Process there is a significant reduction in HAI’s while maintaining a high level of patient/worker safety.

What type of storage space does the E-Mist System require?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system can be easily stored in a closet used for cleaning equipment.

How portable is the E-Mist System in a busy hospital setting?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system is available in either a Roller Cart or BackPack configuration. Both are designed to easily navigate the fast-paced setting of the healthcare industry.

Does the E-Mist System have a way of monitoring to ensure that it is working correctly?

The E-Mist disinfectant application system is equipped with the latest technology for electrostatic disinfection. Included in this technology are indicator lights to ensure the electrostatic technology is activated. For more in-depth information, please consult the operators guide.

Is there an available instruction manual?

Yes. Upon purchase, the E-Mist disinfectant application system includes a user’s guide and instruction manual. If the booklet is misplaced, please contact us for another copy.

What level of support do you offer?

We offer technical and consultation assistance to ensure your environment achieves the proper level of disinfecting.

Does E-Mist offer experts to assist with implementation and monitoring the use of the System?

E-Mist has a solution for your needs and this is accomplished through domestic and international strategic partnerships.

What is the warranty on the E-Mist System? What does it cover and how long does it last?

E-Mist warranty information can be viewed here.

Does E-Mist provide an assured up time in which E-Mist will provide us with replacement technology within a certain time period?

E-Mist will honor all warranty claims and replace in a timely fashion to ensure your staff can continue efforts to properly disinfect surfaces.