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Not everyone appreciates a germ-free classroom

Not everyone appreciates a germ-free classroom

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Germ Free Schools

Schools are breeding grounds for germs. With so many people in a confined space five days a week, it’s easy to understand how illnesses spread so quickly. In order to keep these outbreaks at bay, proper disinfecting must be done. Several school districts are turning to E-Mist’s Electrostatic Disinfectant System to maintain germ-free schools. Our innovative system disinfects all touchable surfaces where germs hide.

Healthier Learning Environment, Happy Administrator, Happier Taxpayers

E-Mist’s Electrostatic Delivery System positively charges any water-based disinfectant, allowing it to seek out neutrally charged surfaces. This causes the disinfectant spray to wrap itself around objects in order to treat all exposed surfaces. This electrostatic process greatly reduces the amount of time and cleaning solution it takes to clean entire schools. Where the typical “spray and wipe” method covers 3,125 square feet per hour, E-Mist can disinfect 54,000 square feet in the same time, saving schools and taxpayers money on annual labor and equipment costs.

Absences cost Schools vital education funds.

Several states distribute school funding based on attendance. The higher your attendance rates, the more money you get from the state. This incentivizes districts to keep their students in school by keeping the schools germ-free and the students healthy. With 48% of school absences being caused by the cold, flu, or other illnesses, its pertinent to thoroughly disinfect surfaces using E-Mist’s patented electrostatic technology.

EMist Innovations - Electrostatic Disinfectant Application System. A germ-free classroom is healthier for everyone.


(E.g.) of Los Angeles Unified School District state funding alone was lost in the 2016-2017 school year as a result of its 2.4M absences.


in state and local funding is lost annually due to absence related penalties and school sanitation costs nationwide.


of all school absences are caused by the cold, flu, or illness.