No one should get sick while trying to get well.

Yet, nearly 100,000 people will die this year from healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). That’s twice the number of people who die each year in car crashes. Infection rates continue to grow at alarming rates.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are infections that patients develop during the course of receiving healthcare treatment for other conditions. And despite increased global attention to decrease HAIs, disinfectant protocols in the healthcare industry remain unchanged. E-Mist helps healthcare organizations reduce HAIs, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Most important, E-Mist helps save lives.

Studies have shown that less than 50% of environmental surfaces in patient care rooms are properly cleaned and disinfected. Evidence strongly suggests that cross contamination of microorganisms from environmental surfaces is directly related to patient infections. High-touch surfaces such as bed rails, bed surfaces, tables, fluid poles, door knobs, and supply carts have all been identified as having the greatest potential for transmission of pathogens. Current cleaning/disinfecting methods and procedures are ineffective and expensive.

Those involved in the prevention and control of preventable infections require a balanced approach of cost and quality to improve outcomes. Existing healthcare disinfection methods including wipes, spray and wipe, fogging, and UV lighting are ineffective or expensive. As environmental surface contamination and healthcare-acquired infections have become more defined, the E-Mist electrostatic disinfection application system presents an effective, approved, and cost effective alternative to health care facility disinfection procedures.

The E-Mist electrostatic disinfection application system presents an effective, approved, and cost effective alternative to health care facility disinfection methods. This unique electrostatic system is patented, providing a unique positive charge to liquids.

Electrostatics has been around and used for decades in the automotive, agriculture, inkjet and photocopier industries. Electrostatics is easily understood: opposite charges attract and like charges repel. Two positively charged things ( + and + ) will repel each other. Two negatively charged things ( – and – ) will repel each other. Using this natural electrostatic phenomena, E-Mist developed and patented a breakthrough disinfectant application technology and system. The E-Mist Electrostatic Systems place a positive ( + ) charge on the liquid droplets as they leave the spray nozzle. The dispersed droplets spread out more evenly and seek out a negative ( – ) or neutrally charged surface. The end result is that the disinfectant is more targeted, provides more uniform coverage with less waste, and like a magnet, attracted to a surface with remarkable force.

E-Mist is dedicated to infection prevention and control. Our patented Electrostatic Systems and SanoTech 360™ Certified Process delivers better, faster outcomes at a lower cost. We help break the chain of infection.

Our Story

At E-Mist our vision is to help people live longer, healthier lives. Our commitment is infection prevention and control.

Founded on a legacy of electrostatic science and technology, the E-Mist Infection Control System and SanoTech 360™ Certified Process makes disinfecting better, easier and more cost effective. The EM360 System is cordless, mobile, touchless and used in the control and prevention of the 1.7 million healthcare-acquired infections in U.S. Hospitals.

Humble Beginnings

For years, E-Mist founder Mike Sides had been working in the electrostatic application of liquids with inventions in agriculture and industry. Then, in 2009, the local high school contacted him to ask for help with a severe H1N1 flu outbreak among students. The idea was simple – adapting his electrostatic spray technology

to apply disinfectants throughout the school. It just so happened that Mike had also started working with various government agencies to fight malaria in Africa, so he’d recently become experienced in infection control. Mike went to work, and in short order, he’d disinfected all the touchable surfaces in the school. Instead of potentially closing the school, students returned to classes and Mike’s technology was the hero.

In 2014, Mike was granted a U.S. patent for his application product. With that patent, a healthy dose of venture capital funding and a new CEO, E-Mist Innovations was off and running. At about the same time, Ebola became a household word when the disease was identified in the United States. Authorities called on E-Mist to disinfect the home of Ebola-stricken nurse Nina Pham and the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where she contracted the virus.

Working in tandem with the hospital, E-Mist successfully controlled the threat there as well.

Today, E-Mist application systems are at work in healthcare and long-term facilities, and the company has expanded its distribution, marketing its application systems to building service contractors for the disinfection of a wide range of environments from professional buildings and airliners to fitness centers and food production facilities. Additionally, the company created the SanoTech 360™ Certified Process to help agencies, organizations and professionals maintain standard disinfecting protocols.

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