Skilled Nursing Facility: Infection Prevention and Control

Better, faster outcomes at a lower cost.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

E-Mist provides an innovative, comprehensive, and effective healthcare technology to reduce infections in skilled nursing facilities. Learn how your team can ensure infection prevention and control standards and measures:

  • Reduce the risk of infection
  • Minimize pathogen surface contamination
  • Triple Aim improvement
  • CMS-3260-P § 483.80 Infection Prevention and Control Program (IPCP) preparation
  • Improve patient experience of care
  • Improve the health of residents and staff
  • Reduce per capita cost
  • Better preparation for anticipated NHCAHPS mandates
  • Improve employee morale & retention
  • SanoTech 360™ Certified provides a unique and marketable advantage and message to potential residents, residents, staff, and community

The Problem

Environmental Contamination Leads to HAIs

  • 1.6 to 3.8 million infections occur each year in long-term care facilities (LTCFs)
  • 1.5 million people live in 16,000 nursing homes in the U.S.
  • 380,000 people will die this year from an infection
  • Estimated cost to healthcare system is $45 billion annually
  • Antibiotic use is spiraling out of control – a global crisis according to WHO
  • Less than 50% of environmental surfaces are properly disinfected

  • Human error, patient infections and exposures increase HAI instances
  • Emerging infectious pathogens such as MRSA survive days/weeks/months
  • Cross contamination of microorganisms from environmental surfaces is directly related to patient infections
  • Contact with surfaces results in hand contamination


Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)

  • Cleaning is not disinfecting: Clean surfaces are often considered the same as disinfected surfaces
  • Ineffective procedures: Existing disinfection methods including wipes or spray and wipe are not effective
  • Failure to follow guidelines: Major reasons for infection transmission are inadequate cleaning, improper selection of a disinfecting agent, failure to follow recommended CDC cleaning and disinfection procedures, and failure to follow EPA label instructions
  • Supplemental no-touch technologies are expensive: Hydrogen peroxide foggers and UV Light range from $30-$100K+
  • Training: suppliers do not provide comprehensive training and ongoing education (in-person and virtual)
  • Quat binding takes place when the active ingredient becomes attracted to and absorbed into fabrics resulting in an ineffective disinfectant
  • Dwell time is required to obtain the efficacy that disinfectants advertise: Slow or poor performing disinfectants results in incomplete or ineffective disinfection

  • If your spray and wipe disinfection practice does not include multiple applications to achieve the requisite wet times, you may be leaving your healthcare facility open to HAIs
  • Healthcare personnel frequently contact environmental surfaces in patients’ rooms providing increased opportunity for contamination of gloves and/or hands
  • Admission to a room previously occupied by a patient with infectious pathogen increases risk of new patient acquiring that pathogen by 39-353% (Rutalla/Weber). An example: increased risk for C. difficile is 235% more likely
  • Visual assessment is not a reliable indicator of surface disinfection (shows clean/dirty, but not healthy/unhealthy)

About E-Mist

  • We help healthcare organizations prevent and reduce infections and as a result, reduce hospital readmissions
  • Founded on a legacy of electrostatic science and technology
  • The E-Mist Infection Control System eliminates traditional disinfectant methods by providing a mobile, touchless, safer, and more cost-effective approach to environmental surface disinfection

  • Provides a balanced approach of cost and quality to improve outcomes
  • Eliminates environments as the source of pathogen transmission
  • 30 years’ experience in the electrostatic technology industry
  • Used to remediate the 2014 Ebola crisis in Dallas, TX
  • 2016 Innovation of the Year Winner
  • Food Logistics FL 100 Technology Winner
  • Healthcare Heroes 2015 Winner

Why Electrostatics

  • Effective surface disinfection reduces healthcare-associated infections
  • Electrostatics has been used for decades in the auto, agricultural, inkjet and photocopier industries
  • Electrostatic technology is easily understood: opposite charges attract and like charges repel
  • A positively charged disinfectant has greater surface adhesion because most surfaces are either negative or neutral

  • Ensures a more consistent and uniform disinfectant coating
  • More consistent droplet size and magnetic attraction improves chemical wet time

  • Reduces chemical costs up to 50%
  • Reduces labor costs up to 45%
  • Empowers your staff
  • Easy operation – simple to learn and simple to operate
  • Can be used with your preferred, water-soluble liquid disinfectant
  • Covers up to 54,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Provides coverage on all touch points, not just the horizontal surfaces
  • Adheres like a magnet to horizontal and vertical surfaces, even the underside of tables, chairs, and counters, which are high touch points not currently treated in most healthcare settings

  • Eliminate environmental as a source of pathogens: no touch room disinfection and ongoing room disinfection


  • Backpack or Roller Cart Option
  • Patented. Cordless. Mobile. Touchless.
  • Requires no wiping – just apply disinfectant and move on

  • Easier to use, more affordable, and more effective than spray & wipe, wipe & go, fogging or UV systems
  • 2-hours of continuous application
  • Use your disinfectant (EPA-approved, water soluble)
  • Covers up to 54,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Touch Point Healthy certification available
  • Better, faster outcomes at a lower cost.
  • Contact us below for your free cost-benefit analysis – we’ll show you how much you can save

SanoTech 360™ Certified Process

  • The SanoTech 360™ Certified seal of approval is the sign that an organization has met the requirements for proper surface disinfection
  • In a time when CMS may soon be measuring patient experience, the SanoTech 360™ Certified Process provides a unique and marketable advantage and message to all publics

  • Developed from CDC guidelines for proper surface cleaning and disinfecting
  • Certified organizations demonstrate to the public their commitment to the health of the people they serve


  • 380,000 people will die this year from an infection
  • Less than 50% of environmental surfaces are properly disinfected
  • Effective surface disinfection reduces SNF-associated infections
  • We help LTCFs prevent and reduce HAIs using innovative disinfectant application technology
  • Contact us today for a FREE cost-benefit analysis – see how much you could be saving