Medical Equipment Disinfection

Better, faster disinfecting at a lower cost.

Medical Equipment Disinfection

With rising rental costs, increasing healthcare standards, and decreasing reimbursements, DMEs are looking for better solutions.

DMEs need an efficient and effective disinfecting procedure on the back end that can save money through reduced labor costs, increase patient and referral partner trust, and improve outcomes.

Obviously, disinfecting equipment is critical to reduce high-risk infectious disease. Yet, many medical equipment suppliers continue to expose customers and staff to dangerous pathogens.

The Challenge

Suppliers of durable medical equipment must meet regulatory quality standards. In a highly competitive and dynamic reimbursement environment, DME providers need a more efficient and more effective disinfecting system and process that meets DMEPOS or Joint Commission quality standards. Existing disinfection methods are ineffective, labor intensive, and wastes chemicals.

Case Study

With many bed frame options, countless support surfaces, and mobility equipment, Sizewise, a medical equipment manufacturer with more than 65 locations nationwide, is always looking for innovations that benefit customers and patients. While working hard to establish healthy products and services, they found their disinfection process labor-intensive and costly. E-Mist conducted a 30-day study side-by-side with Sizewise to prove the efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the E-Mist System and Process Download this DME Case Study

The Results

By implementing the E-Mist System and Process, Sizewise was able to improve efficiencies while also creating a standard of excellence.

• Chemical reduction of at least 75%
• Consumables reduction of at least 45%
• Labor / time reduction of at least 50%
• Omission of steam cleaning requirement
• Adaptability to a more efficient chemical
• Optimum return on investment
• Cost and time predictability due to standardization
• Significantly higher throughput of assets
processed per day

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce labor and chemical costs AND improve customer/patient safety. Medical equipment suppliers are increasingly focused on patient and resident care experience. SanoTech 360™ Certified Healthy can improve your reputation and public image. The SanoTech 360™ Certified Healthy seal of approval is the sign that your business has met the requirements for proper equipment disinfection. SanoTech 360™ Certified Healthy Process provides a unique and marketable advantage and message that your organization is committed to the health and safety of your patients and employees.

  • Better, faster disinfection outcomes at a lower cost.
  • Patented electrostatic disinfectant delivery system
  • Cordless, mobile and touchless system
  • Requires no wiping – just apply your disinfectant and move on
  • Precise, non-fogging, non-inhalation application – particles do not suspend or linger
  • More effective than spray disinfectant – electrostatically charged droplets adhere to surfaces more comprehensively, uniformly and effectively
  • Use your EPA-approved, water soluble chemical
  • Battery life provides 2 hours of continuous application

About E-Mist

  • We help healthcare organizations prevent and reduce HAIs
  • Founded on a legacy of electrostatic science and technology
  • The E-Mist Infection Control System eliminates traditional disinfectant methods by providing a mobile, touchless, safer, and more cost-effective approach to environmental surface disinfection

  • Provides a balanced approach of cost and quality to improve outcomes
  • Eliminates environments as the source of pathogen transmission
  • 30 years’ experience in the electrostatic technology industry
  • Used to remediate the 2014 Ebola crisis in Dallas, TX
  • 2016 Innovation of the Year Winner
  • Food Logistics FL 100 Technology Winner
  • Healthcare Heroes 2015 Winner

Why Electrostatics

  • Effective disinfection reduces contamination
  • Electrostatics has been used for decades in the auto, agricultural, inkjet and photocopier industries
  • Electrostatic technology is easily understood: opposite charges attract and like charges repel
  • A positively charged disinfectant has greater surface adhesion because most surfaces are either negative or neutral

  • Ensures a more consistent and uniform disinfectant coating
  • More consistent droplet size and magnetic attraction achieves chemical wet time
  • Effective surface disinfection reduces healthcare-associated infections
  • Empowers your employees
  • Can be used with your preferred, water-soluble liquid disinfectant


  • Backpack Option
  • Patented. Cordless. Mobile. Touchless.
  • Requires no wiping – just apply disinfectant and move on

  • Easier to use, more affordable, and more effective than spray & wipe, wipe & go, fogging or UV systems
  • 2-hours of continuous application
  • Use your disinfectant (EPA-approved, water soluble)
  • SanoTech 360™ Certified Process available
  • Better, faster outcomes at a lower cost.
  • Contact us below for your free cost-benefit analysis – we’ll show you how much you can save

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