EM360™ Electrostatic Spray System

• No wiping. No cross-contamination. Just spray and walk away.
• 6X faster application compared to conventional spray and wipe method.
• 3X faster application compared to other electrostatic products.
• 3X longer spray time using 1 gallon chemical tank – fewer refills increases productivity.
• Use your preferred, water-soluble disinfectant – no forced chemical contract.
• More effective and less expensive than other disinfecting methods.
• Reduces chemical costs up to 50% and reduces labor costs up to 45%.
• Ideal for disinfecting high-touch surfaces.
• Perfect for healthcare, education, senior living, aviation, commercial, government, correctional facilities, and sports facilities.

EM360™ Electrostatic Spray System

Hospital-grade • Cord-Free • 54,000 sq ft/hour • Mobile • Quiet • Effective

The idea behind the EM360™ System is simple: eliminate harmful germs by making disinfecting better, easier, and more cost effective. The patented System uses any water-soluble chemical, delivering one hour of continuous and comprehensive spray coverage. No wiping, more effective and less expensive than other methods. No electrical cord and extensions to plug and unplug or trip over. Just squeeze the trigger and go to work. Room-to-room and building-to-building, cover high-touch surfaces up to 3x faster than other equipment — 54,000 sq ft/hour — more than a football field! And, with a more consistent and uniform disinfectant coating, it reduces chemical costs up to 50% and reduces labor costs up to 45%. A complete System designed to keep people safer and healthier.

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